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 Decorative green epoxy coated finish improves the aesthetics of your garden area
 Thick gauge metal rod improves the strength of the device
 Strong cross bar design with "easy to pick" windows between the metal rods allows for    ease of picking flowers or vegetables
 The taller, 42", design of the Cage-a-Crop™ accommodates for much taller plant heights    then the typical tomato cages on today’s market
 Deep penetrating "hand grip" stakes push approximately 18.5” into the ground increasing    the cage's upright integrity and stability
 Unique interlocking system allows for many shapes and configurations to be made by    simply combining additional panels to the cage layout See Diagram
 The interlocking flat panel design allows for easy storage in the winter and eliminates the    unsightly "pile" of cages that most gardeners deal with today
 Very easy to assemble & disassemble
 Durable, aesthetic & long-lasting
•  Reusable for many years of service


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