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 Make a decision as to the size and shape of the cage that you want to make.
   (3 panels and 3 stakes per package)
 Take two panels and place them side by side in the normal upright position in the    shape and approximate angle that you want them to be located.
 Make sure that the interlocking loops are in the correct orientation.The loops with    the offsets on the first panel should be lined up directly above the interlocking loops    on the second panel that do not have an offset.
  Insert the first stake through the interlocking loops on the two adjacent panels.
   The stakes are designed to push approximately 18.5” into the ground. Use your
   own discretion as to the appropriate depth needed to hold the system in a stable    position in your garden. Be careful not to bend the stakes when pushing them     
   into the ground as it will make it more difficult to assemble the system during the    next growing season.The stakes, when inserted properly, will hold the panels
   in a firm and upright position as the plant grows to its mature height. We suggest    that the grip portion of the stake handle be located in the middle of the two panels.
  Place the third panel of the Cage-a-Crop™ system in its appropriate position.If
   using the standard 3 panel configuration, swing all panels to the location where the    interlocking loop holes line up properly to allow for the proper second and third stake    insertions. Again, make sure the panels are located where the offset loops are    located above the straight loops.
 As shown in the upper left picture, when inserting the second and third stakes,    again, keep the handle grip portions of the stake in the middle of the two adjacent    panels as shown in the picture on the left. Then push both stakes into the ground to    the same level as the first stake.
 Once you are satisfied that your system is set up in the proper configuration and    your plants are getting tall, you may want to use the supplied wire ties to secure the    top of the cage panels together or secure your plants to the cage. There are enough    ties (15) to last for several growing seasons.
 At the end of each season cut the wire ties from each corner, dispose these
   as they are now unusable and store the panels on a nail or hook in your garage
   or potting shed.
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